I’ve been thinking a lot about creativity lately. I love to paint and be creative in other ways, but I had a hard time thinking of myself as a “creative person”.  I thought that “creative” was a “type” of person, a right-brained, always making something, fingernails stained with paint type of person. But, that’s not the whole picture. The research into creativity and our brain shows that we tap into both sides of our brain when we are being creative. And there are so many different types of creativity! Everything from painting, drawing, dance, music, writing, inventing, making furniture, crafts, photography, problem solving, the list is endless. We all are creative in some way or another, I am sure of it. The Creator of the Universe did make us in His image after all, so we must have a creative side. But I’ve also seen that limiting beliefs about the value of some types of creativity keep us from experiencing all the benefits.

Studies have proven that spending time developing and practicing creative work has amazing physical and mental health benefits!

Look at what the research has shown. Spending time creating can:

Reduce stress and anxiety

Decrease depressive symptoms

Reduce distress and negative emotions

Increase self-esteem and feelings of accomplishment

Boost immune system

Improve concentration

Increase happiness

Those are some amazingly positive effects from just being creative.

So, far from being a waste of time, or not productive enough, creativity is extremely beneficial to our overall well being and quality of life. It’s also a wonderful way to spend quality time with children, teaching them about the beauty of creativity. Both of my parents modeled that for me: ceramics, pottery, painting, drawing, quilting, wood carving, sewing, gardening, photography, you name it, I think they tried it and shared it with us.  Thanks, Mom and Dad.

What are you waiting for? Find the area of creativity that fulfills you, excites you, intrigues you. and go for it! Don’t relegate it to after you get all the so called important stuff done, get your creative juices flowing and maybe you’ll see your priorities change as you enjoy your life more. Embracing your creative side may just help you get that all important life-balance!