It’s raining today. Actually, it’s pretty stormy and will be all day. The place I’m staying at right now offers long range views of the sky, so I am able to watch the clouds move and change, dumping rain here, breaking out in sunshine there. It’s not what many would call a beautiful day, but there is beauty in it. And of course, the rain will make everything greener and more lush tomorrow.

      I’ve been kind of obsessed with painting moody, dark, cloudy skies this past year. I love the colors and the shapes and the feelings that those paintings of skies convey. Storms can be beautiful!  I do love watching a storm from the safety of my home, but it’s no fun being out in the middle of it.

   What about the “storms “ of life? Can I stay in the safety of my home and watch those? Not exactly. We all face storms: loss, rejection, difficult situations, death, divorce, illness, loss of finances, persecution, false accusations, misunderstandings, the list can go on and on.  Some people face a lifetime of storms and some, to all appearances, have it pretty “sunny”. But we can’t go by appearances, or comparing of troubles. Everyone has their pain, everyone has their sorrows.

    If we compare the storms of life to the weather, how does that analogy hold up? How does that idea translate into the daily trials and tribulation, the sorrows and pain? Does the way I see the “storm” change the outcome? I think it does!

   What are some characteristics of storms? They are temporary, can be scary, dangerous, deadly even. They are unpredictable, tremendous and awe-inspiring. In the worst moments, they can seem endless  or unsurvivable. For those of us who have gone through big storms, whether natural or in life, we know that they do end. And even if damage was done, there can be healing. After the rain comes sunshine, and growth, and change, and occasionally even a rainbow.

   If we embrace our stormy season, even just a little, without bitterness, comparison, and the “what ifs”; maybe we can weather the storm without as much fear, worry, and doubt. Perhaps we can begin to trust that the Lord will bring us through the storm, will bring us through whatever the world has brought our way. The storm may not immediately abate, but there will be change. When we put our trust in the One who calmed the sea, we find peace, patience and a way to persevere. We may even begin to have hope. Hope that will sustain us, that will override the voice of fear in our heads, hope that will give us stability.

    How are you looking at the storm that’s in your life right  now? How do you see the difficulties? What change can you make in your attitude that could impact how you weather the storm? Your words, your thoughts, your actions can either empower you or keep you as a victim. Sometimes we need help changing those attitudes; please contact me if you do.  My prayer for you today, and for me, is that we can see with new eyes the storms we may be facing.